Ethos and Why We Exist

“An organisation for martial artists run by martial artists”

The reasons Geoff Thompson and I formed the BCA were twofold; to break away from the politics and restrictive practices of the traditional ‘style’ martial arts organisations and to promote the cause and bring experience and realism to the practical, self defence aspects of martial arts such as Karate, Ju Jitsu, Judo as well as other Oriental combat systems. The BCA broke the mould in both these aspirations and has, for 30 years, continued in its popularity.

Our personal experiences told us that a martial arts organisation didn’t exist that could satisfy these two demands with any credibility. Few within the traditional martial arts had sufficient practical, combat experience and high-level credibility to make a sufficient impact on the existing conditions. At launch we were inundated with applications from martial arts instructors across all disciplines, especially those who had been trying to gain recognition for their own efforts to bring some reality into martial arts.

So we exist, through instructors, clubs and students to provide membership and a comprehensiverange of insurance facilities and resources to a huge and diverse family of like-minded martial artists and combat instructors. We are a ‘clearing-house’ of ideas, a network of concepts, experience and success stories, with unrivaled personal support for all our Instructors. I personally mentor new and experienced Instructors as they start out, grow and develop in their coaching careers.

Some of the UK’s foremost martial arts and self protection instructors have grown up with and through their long-term membership with us.

There is continuous resource provision with regular newsletters, the Combat Group magazine, ‘Impact,’ news and events broadcasts supported with free videos, articles, training tips and podcasts.

These are dynamic and cutting edge organisations run by one of the UK’s foremost/senior martial artists and combat instructors, Peter Consterdine, whose reputation is international in scope.

Comprehensive membership, insurance products, support across a host of areas, but don't take our word for it; read the testimonial below...

"I would just like to send you note to say thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me over many years with regards to my business. You have always been prepared to offer advice over the phone or made me extremely welcome when attending the office. The advice you have given to me has always been very useful and has helped me expand my business. The words I would use to describe the BCA are “friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, professional and thorough” Please feel free to quote me on any of the above or pass on my email address if necessary."

Kind regards and thank you again.

Chris Burnard Burnett Conflict Management Consultants UK Ltd CCB Group


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