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Peter Consterdine training course The Chairman and Chief Instructor of the Association is Peter Consterdine, a 10th Dan in Karate, who started his martial arts career in 1964 and in through the ’60s and ’70s spent over 8 years as a full Great Britain and England Karate International. In the late ’70s Peter was one of the very few Karate Internationals who entered the then new full contact arena and had early success going on to win the British Middleweight title. Peter added to his Karate skills with many years of study and practise of Chinese systems, particularly Wing Chun.

Throughout the ’70s and into the ’80s Peter worked as a doorman in Manchester and later operated the door supervision for his own licensed premises. Peter now runs his own specialist security consultancy company and over the past 35 years has operated in nearly 30 countries running Close Protection (Bodyguard) and specialist training for a range of international organisations.

Peter’s particular area of expertise is in the field of Personal Security where he is recognised as an International expert. On the combative front, it is in the field of impact development and Close Quarter Combat (CQC) that Peter is regularly called upon to instruct and has been a Home Office consultant instructor at the then UK’s National Police Training College as well as an instructor for many other regional police forces. He has authored the definitive works on close protection, self defence and fitness training in his three books – The Modern Bodyguard, Streetwise, Fit To Fight and Travelsafe.

Peter Says;
“After 59 years in the martial arts this year (2023) and over 35 years in the specialist security and risk consultancy field I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and skills. I pass these on weekly to my training partners, students and other Instructors who may be on my Combat Coach programmes, but also want to ensure that this is available to the wider community. Because my years of experience in tradi1onal martial arts, the competition arena (both traditional and full contact), door security, close protection (bodyguarding ) and risk management, the volume of informa1on I have to share is vast.

The Combat Group site is, therefore a ‘portal’ to a wealth of information, either in the ‘Article’, Training Tip, and News area of the site but is also a ‘doorway’ to the other membership sites and, depending on your specific area of interest, as either an Instructor, or student, there should be a site and membership level to suit your needs.

With the BCA, BCKA and WCA sites mainly for the benefit of a membership, I wanted a site that could act as a ‘clearing house’ of information that was common to all three membership sites, informing Instructors about the issues of adapting these traditional skills to a range of ‘personal combat’ requirements be it for the street, door, or any work related environment.”

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Peter Consterdine training course Peter Consterdine training course Peter Consterdine training course Peter Consterdine training course
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