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From traditional martial arts to modern systems of personal combat and self defence, we have an Association that’s right for you.

The Combat Group is made up of 3 highly respected Martial Arts Associations - one specific to Karate, one for international martial arts clubs and combat instructors and the third, Britain’s longest established and most respected combat oriented organisations.

Membership and Insurance for clubs, Instructors and students is available through one of the Group’s three Associations and to find out which best suits your needs just play the video alongside.


Why Choose The Combat Group

When you get to one of the sites you’ll find a huge list of resource benefits and features of membership, but here are the four over-arching, key principles under which we operate that should give you confidence.
No Politics
Absolutely no politics and no interference in club affairs. Unlike many of the restrictive ‘style' associations we have few rules and manage with a ‘light-touch’ - we’re here to help, not hinder.
Total Support
Whether you are an instructor 1with 5 students or 500 you’ll receive the same level of personal attention. We deliver life-coaching and mentoring but for martial arts instructors
Unrivalled Expertise
First and foremost, the Group is run buy martial artists for martial artists and within the three Associations we have some of the world’s top Instructors across all martial art and combat disciplines. Whatever you do and wherever you are we are able to help.
Brand Integrity
We recognise that yours’ and your club’s brand integrity is impacted, good or bad, by the Association you are with. We have a reputation for complete integrity, openness and approachability
I am very proud to be an member and registered instructor with the British Combat Association. If I need any help it is only a phone call or a email away. I feel fully supported by the whole team at the BCA and look forward to many more years of being part of one of the most respected Associations in the business.
Wayne Poulter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to be a member of any Association?
You don’t unless you are a traditional system, like Karate, and wish your students to have access to a national squad. However, the benefits both objective and subjective of having a ‘home’ for you and your people should outweigh being on your own.
Q. Do you offer Instructor qualifications?
Yes, as well as the range of Dan grade certifications form physical gradings to grade recognition, we have one of the world’s finest programmes in the Combat Coach course - details of which you will find on this portal site.
Q. How can I prove my qualifications and grades?
Typically, Instructors come to us who have many years under their belts with a checkable background in a traditional system or art. With Instructors who are at the beginning of that path we will invite them up to train with us, supply their proposed teaching and grading syllabus (if applicable) or supply video of them teaching.
Q. How much to join as an independent club or group?
On each site, depending on what you are currently engaged in, we have all membership details and costs. We have always set out for the costs to be simple to understand with no hidden extras that only emerge when you are in membership
Q. Can I grade my own students?
Yes, we don’t impose any restrictions on Instructors grading their people, but if an external grading is required this can be carried out for any system within one of the CG Associations
Q. Can I stay as a completely independent club/group
This is fundamental to the philosophy Geoff and I embarked on over 20 years ago with the founding of the BCA. We want people to be with us and stay with us because of what we offer, not because of what we dictate. There are few, simple rules and standards, but no one loses their independence by being with us.
Q. Does the Combat Group provide classes to students
No, we work with our instructor cadre, either on our Combat Coach programmes, our Instructor training courses, coaching courses and through our business development support. This we hope improves the subsequent delivery down to the student membership.
Q. Can I speak to some member Instructors to seek their opinions?
Absolutely, as well as the testimonials you will find on the CG sites, we can always link you in with Instructors who made the difficult decision you are taking to hear how it’s been for them after taking the leap to join.
Client Feedback
We have been part of British Combat Association for over 5 years now and we are always made to feel like part of this Martial Arts family. The guidance and training from Peter Consterdine has been the best experience we have had in our Martial Arts history. We have learnt more from Peter and the BCA in the last 5 years than any other association we have been with in our 20 plus years training and instructing. The administration and information from the BCA's Dawn is second to none and always helpful if we need help or guidance on our memberships and grade certificates. We will always support the BCA.
Steve and Louise Pennistone Lifestyle Martial Arts
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