Within each Combat Group Association there are three main membership categories;

Club (Group)

The details of these memberships can be found on the specific site that you feel is right for you and your club. On each site there is a Brochure PDF download button.

If you are not too sure which Association is the one which will fit you best please get in touch by phone or email.

 The British Combat Association (BCA)
The British arm of the Group and the membership site for our U.K. clubs and Instructors. The BCA, (established in 1993) was the organisation that broke the mould and brought self defence and practical martial arts out of the darkness and produced, over the years, some of the UK’s foremost close quarter combat (CQC) Instructors. The Association goes from strength to strength and to find out how membership could benefit you and your students go to the site by pressing the link here. The BCA has been poorly copied but never equalled.
Find out about the benefits and detail of membership by going to the BCA site (see below and click on an image)


The World Combat Association (WCA)
Launched in 2008, the WCA is the organisation for our internanational groups and their Instructors. The WCA was, very much, a product of demand, where for many years the massive interest in the BCA from martial arts organisations overseas, led to the launch of the WCA, its international twin. All the benefits of membership open to our BCA people are now available globally and it is through the WCA that the Combat Coach programmes are delivered and certificated and through which we licence overseas groups and Instructors.
Find out about the benefits and detail of membership by going to the WCA site (see below and click on an image)


The British Combat Karate Association (BCKA)
Launched in 2011, the BCKA is a ‘home’ specifically for the Karate Instructors and their students, who have become disenchanted with either the politics of the large style associations, or feel restricted from developing their core art into a more rounded and practical system. Having a ‘karate’ version of the BCA, managed with the same ‘light touch’ has always been a goal and the BCKA has become a member of the UK Karate governing body, the English Karate Federation (EKF) and the Scotish Karate Governing Body (SKGB). This will allow competition oriented students access to the English and Scotish Karate teams, yet give freedom for their clubs to grow and expand their wider interests.
Find out more about the benefits and detail of membership by going to the BCKA site (click on an image below)

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