A complete range of professional services, delivered now for 30 years with the BCA. Following the success of the BCA this same, non-political and multi-disciplined model was extended internationally with the WCA and, shortly after, the British Combat Karate Association.

Whilst the BCA was established by Peter and Geoff to emphasise the more ‘practical’, real-world applications of martial systems, it and the other two Associations have provided a ‘home’ for nearly all martial arts disciplines.

Our clubs and instructors have complete independence, without any heavy-handed interference, but have support at their fingertips as and when required. This may be administration, technical or developmental (see testimonies).

The unique difference with the ‘Combat Associations’ is that they have amongst the instructor cadre some of the most respected martial artists and personal combat instructors within the UK and internationally.

The list is endless as to the benefits of being in membership of a Combat Group Association and although there is a lot of detail here, we’ve tried to major on the key issues. We thought it would help to start of with some FAQ’s - typically, these are one’s that anyone thinking about a move from another association, just starting up or currently independent should be asking before they take that critical step to join not just us but any association and these are listed on the Home page.

To put more meat on the bone, below is a list of some of the services and facilities we have for our Instructors and members; 

Some Key Benefits & Services

1. Three strong communities
2. No politics
3. Freedom of operation for Instructors
4. Great Instructor community
5. Industry leading certification
6. First class, responsive administration
7. Unmatched features and support benefits
8. UK and International membership
9. Everything you need under one umbrella
10. CQC and Traditional courses
11. Free business support and Instructor mentoring
12. Run by martial artists who care
13. Freedom to grade
14. Unlimited resources - free articles, videos, training tips and podcasts
15. Instructor, student and event insurance
16. Association Black Belt gradings and grade recognition service
17. Customised grading certificates
18. Syllabus approval and certification service
19. Club & Instructor site listing and profiles
20. DBS Checks
21. Close, personal mentoring
22. ‘Combat Coach’ - Diploma, Certificate and Award programmes
23. Weekly and monthly newsletters
24. Not a ‘faceless’ organisation
25. Flexible and modern

Business Support

We still have clubs that operate out of modest premises, but also clubs and groups that are large, business structures, often in their own premises. Whether the earnings from a club are ploughed back into the club for the benefit of members or are taken as profits, the key, top level requirements are the same for both;
Aquisition of new members
Retention of Members
Management of Finances

Within these three primary aims are a whole range of specific issues, be it marketing, holding events, budgetting, retention strategies, syllabus development that, often, Instructors need help with. We are continually working with our Instructors to help them professionalise their club development.


Great organisations are built on the foundation and credibility which, for well over 20 years in our three Associations, we have maintained religiously. We have a reputation for complete integrity, openness, and approachability. Our Instructors bring themselves and their students into membership for many reasons, but primarily they join because they are proud to be associated with the organisations and the reputation they have.

Despite the size of the Associations we are first and foremost a community and our weekly newspaper, ‘COMBAT CORNER’ together with our ‘activity announcements’ to all our Instructors create a strong network into which new and aspiring Instructors will find support.


As a martial artist of over 30 years, I had walked the "traditional" path wearing badges and holding the licences of a number of different associations. Joining the BCA over a decade ago however, I felt I had finally found home. With Chief instructors having a reputation of respect across the Martial arts community not only in the UK, but world wide, I was instantly drawn to their non political, practical and realistic approach to the Martial Arts. Being a member of the BCA is more than just simply being another instructor or student.

You become a member of a family. One that allows total freedom to manage your own affairs but with the knowledge that the BCA family is there at the end of a phone or email to help you with anything you ever need. You will always be respected, never judged, regularly inspired and completely supported by a first class administration team where nothing is ever too much trouble.

Many say they've never heard a bad word said about the BCA and this is testament to the guidance and effort of the father figure Peter Consterdine, a true gentlemen, instructor, motivator and friend. If you are looking for a first class association to join, then you should be looking no further than the BCA/BCKA/WCA family.

Rui Marques The Applied Karate-Do

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