Written by Peter Consterdine, the Operations Director of a specialist, International Risk Management Company, Peter has spent many years operating in some 30 countries (some many times such as Russia for example) for some of the biggest multi-national corporations.

This has involved having to conduct detailed security audits, crisis planning, executive protection (bodyguarding) operations and the delivery of travel security briefings to both senior company personnel and staff. If youe think personal security is an issue to take seriously in what can be described as fairly benign western geographies, wait until you travel to some Third World countries and only a few years ago I would have labelled Russia and a number of former Soviet Union states as falling under that banner.

At the time I was back and forwards working in Russia it was described to me by a former Russian senior military officer as a 'third world country with a first world intelligence;' making it a very dangerous environment to visit.

Travelsafe Contents 

  • Risk Analysis
  • Surviving Hotel Fires
  • Personal Security
  • Security on the Road
  • Security for the Expatriate
  • Hostage Survival
  • Hot Spots of the World
  • Preparations
  • Hotel Security
  • Travel & Health
  • Security on the Street
  • Security at Airports
  • Anti-Kidnap Procedures
  • Crisis Planning & Evacuation
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