The Modern Bodyguard - The Manual of Close Protection Training

Peter adopts a ‘real world’ approach to how the many drills and procedures should be applied in practice not just in theory. Peter says: "In civilian EP work, our employers- often senior Board members are discretionary purchasers, (unlike military CP operations where the subject of protection has little say over the operation) and their consent to all we do is absolute. At times in this book, I’ve probably been provocative in my approach to certain subjects, but often I’m appalled at the text book approach to the reality of situations.

Even in a book of this size, it has not been possible to go into great depth on many of the subjects, but that is how it should be. There is a point reached where you simply can’t learn it from a book. Theory, concepts and procedural do’s and don’ts are fine, but training is doing and you’ve got to practice drills and procedures.

You’ve got to drive, shoot and carry out foot formations and understand the problems when on the ground, of operating as part of a CP team in whatever role you may occupy. What I’ve attempted to do, in those areas where it isn’t possible to look at all the subjects in detail, is to put in the subject headings and leave it to the reader to further his or her own studies around those subjects that interest them the most.

Protecting the lives of people of note can never be an exact science. There are too many incalculable factors, too many unknown dangers for protection to be guaranteed. So this book is intended as advice, not as a set of obligatory instructions or directions, because it is realised that the best that can be striven for is a routine and protocols that are designed to combat the most obvious risks and endeavour to be ready for the less obvious ones. The only permitted variables in the degrees of protection, as you will read, are in proportion to the threat, but the operative’s effort must at all times be absolute.

The Modern Bodyguard Contents

  • Personal Security
  • The CP Team
  • Terrorist Tactics
  • Location Security
  • Vehicle Escort Procedures
  • Threat and Threat Assessment
  • Bomb Awareness & Recognition
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Surveillance
  • Travel Security
  • Vehicle Security & Searching
  • Embus/Debus Procedures
  • Route Selection & Reconnaissance
    Anti-Ambush Drills
  • Walking Drills 
  • Weapon Selection & Handling
  • Unarmed Combat & Fitness Training
  • Running the Control Room


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