Fit To Fight

You need to be fit and strong to win a fight, but more importantly, you have to develop the 'will to win' the aggression never to give up and never to lose. This book is about intense training for combat and teaches a wide range of physical training drills needed to win in the street. This book will show you how to train for strength, stamina, aggression and that all important mental edge.

This mental edge is developed through hard training drills Fit To Fight will teach you those drills over its 185 pages and is illustrated with over 100 dynamic photographs.Traditional martial arts training poorly covers these aspects and the fighting spirit martial arts develops can disappear when that hollow, sickening feeling of dread and emptiness envelopes one during an intense fight.

To be prepared for this, those same feelings should have been duplicated during training so that familiarity with such intensity breeds confidence in combat.

Peter says: "This book is not just about fitness, rather it is about winning fights. It is about developing a winning attitude through intense physical training and about developing an indomitable spirit".

Fit to Fight Contents

  • Human Physiology and Biology
  • Aerobic Training
  • Anaerobic Training
  • Strength Training
  • Stress Work
  • Aggression Drills
  • The use of equipment
  • Single Drills
  • Partner Training
  • Hill Work
  • Motivation
  • Training Programmes

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