Introduction to Vagabond Warriors Cross Training approach to Martial Arts

Introduction to Vagabond Warriors Cross Training approach to Martial Arts

Ahead of the proposed full relaxing of restrictions, grab this opportunity to explore Clubb Chimera Martial Arts "Vagabond Warriors" approach to martial arts cross training online via a Zoom co-promotion between Keiryu Practical Karate and Athena School of Karate.

Jamie Clubb will take you through various concepts for better training in multiple disciplines such as CSI (Clarification, Scepticism and Individuality) and the Hierarchy of Training as well as avoiding such pitfalls as the By-Product Myth, the Welding Approach and the Calypso Effect.

The lesson will be a lively mixture of theory in presentation form, live train along experiences and questions and answers/discussion. Book your place today ahead of the upcoming Vagabond Warriors seminars. 

Sunday 13th June - 12 noon to 13.30 UTC + 1








Event Details
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13 Jun 2021
£15 per household
Client Feedback
We have been part of British Combat Association for over 5 years now and we are always made to feel like part of this Martial Arts family. The guidance and training from Peter Consterdine has been the best experience we have had in our Martial Arts history. We have learnt more from Peter and the BCA in the last 5 years than any other association we have been with in our 20 plus years training and instructing. The administration and information from the BCA's Dawn is second to none and always helpful if we need help or guidance on our memberships and grade certificates. We will always support the BCA.
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